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Why Do Girls Join Beauty Pageants?!?

girlWhen you ask the majority of people what they think of when they hear the words “beauty pageant”, they might say shallow, lame, superficial, phony, or fake.  They may think that the only type of woman or girl are those that think they are attractive, narcissists, or just crave attention.  These misconceptions, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth.  For decades, girls have been competing in beauty pageants, and their reasons for doing so vary differently from one contestant to another.


“One of the main reasons that girls enter competitions is to build their self-confidence, says Tiffany Reilly, National American Miss Pageant Spokesperson. Building self-confidence will help many girls not only feel better about themselves, but will help them overcome insecurities.  They may not feel the best about their bodies, and may think they aren’t “perfect”.  However, learning to love yourself and be more comfortable with your body helps to be more secure and self-assured.


Not only do you gain more confidence when you compete in competitions, but you also learn some valuable life lessons.  For example, communication skills are of utmost importance during any competition.  Training how to speak in front of a crowd, preparing how to handle interviews, and learning to think before you speak are all critical, during competition and beyond.  Pageants are definitely learning experiences!


Some girls join pageants in search of a support system.  Because each girl has the same goals and achievements in mind, it’s easy to find a common ground, and something that will make them lifelong friends.  Once you’ve been in the pageant circuit, the girls you compete with, although they are your competition, become your family.  It’s great to have encouragement from such a large group of girls.


It’s no secret that many girls join beauty competitions for the prizes! What little girl doesn’t dream of walking away with a tiara? For the most part, pageants offer cash, scholarships, trophies, sashes, and skincare products.  Oh, and let’s not forget…the crown! And if you win, you get the chance to travel on all-expenses paid trips, travelling the country, and promoting your pageant.

So, it’s easy to see that girls participate in beauty pageants for a multitude of reasons, not just being superficial or wanting free stuff.  The next time you see a beauty pageant, you never know their reason for being there.  They just might have a story to tell.