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Surgery Didn’t Work, but a Chiropractor’s Help Did

I had to put up with back pain for years. I made lots of trips to a lot of different doctors. Most said that I would probably benefit from surgery since pain killers were not something that I could really do. Most over the counter pain pills barely dulled the pain. Prescription pain kills often made me too tired to function each day. So, I went ahead with the surgery that ended up not working well. Years later, visiting a chiropractor in Fort Myers did help. It was a really good thing that it did because I feared that I would have to go on life-long disability if the pain continued and kept me from working.

I become obese in my twenties. I had a lot of personal losses that threw me into depression for a long time. Over time, I began to eat more and more to try to make myelf feel better. A big bowl of ice cream works for a little while, but then all of the losses that I had suffered would come back to mind again. Soon after, I would find myself eating again to try to cheer myself up temporarily once again. Then, I found that I had packed on an extra 150 pounds. The cycle of dieting and then gaining the weight back again happened after that. The weight caused my back pain.

When I had surgery in the past, I was so hopeful that it would work. I knew that there was a slight risk that it may not work. It does work for a lot of people. It was unfortunate that it didn’t for me, though. But chiropractors know how to help people without their patients needing to undergo surgery. This worked out for me because I needed my life back again.