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Free Face Pimples Tips

Here are a couple of basic approaches to keep your facial skin clean amid these couple of months :

1) Drink heaps of water so that your framework is hydrated and the poisons from your body are flushed out. You can likewise put it a couple of sprigs of neem or tulsi in your water bottle bump with the goal that it keeps your stomach clean.

2) Apply red chandan glue in the morning before you wash your face. Red chandan has a quieting impact all over and in a flash assuages the pimples. In the event that you have scars which have been deserted because of skin break out, the red chandan glue will clear your skin from this as well.

 3) Drink unboiled buffalo milk in the morning before you brush your teeth. According to age-old customs, buffalo’s milk contains anti-bacterial properties that cleanses your system and thereby reduces the chances of getting acne.
4) Apply a toner on your skin before bedtime. Preferably choose a toner which contains rose water or aloe vera in it. These ingredients will soothe the pimples and will also help clear up the clogged pores on your skin.
5) Do not use soap on your skin, instead try washing your face with natural ingredients like neem paste. The more cosmetics you use on your face the more pimples will occur.

Caring Skin for Women in 30s

* Cleansing: Start and end your day by utilizing a gel-based chemical that is tender yet viable. Purging guarantees that your skin can inhale legitimately and clean skin likewise assists with the viability of the items you apply. Without legitimate ingestion, the cream won’t have the capacity to profit your skin, as it ought to.

* Exfoliate to support your cell reestablishment: Exfoliate to dispose of all the surface dead skin cells. This assists with cell turnover and expands flow. The outcome is solid skin that shines normally.

* The one-minute facial: Warm the product in your hands to help it penetrate the skin better. Massage your face in an upward motion using the tip of your fingers and stimulate your skin by tapping on it gently. End the massage by wrapping your hands on your face to give an added massage to the dermis. It will help keep dull skin at bay.

* UV protection is a must: A good sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays with a high SPF is a necessity. Use it on a daily basis because research has shown that sun damage is the number one cause of premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

* Prep your skin for the night and sleep tight: Seven to eight hours of a good night’s sleep helps the body regenerate and repair itself for the next day. Like you, your skin is tired at the end of the day. Try not to skip the night routine, as its sole purpose is to nurse and repair your tired skin and is a must post thirty.
* Hydrate: Drink plenty of water and keep yourself and your skin well hydrated.

Beauty Mistakes that You Should Know

Your eyebrows need not be even and don’t consider pumping that mascara, say beauticians

Sneaking in family collections everywhere throughout the nation are the kind of photographs which are broadcast at weddings, point of interest birthdays, hen and stag dos. An extent of these pictures are real to life snaps of little kids and babies getting to grasps with their mum’s make-up – with exceptionally blended results.

An affection for make-up is encouraged in a hefty portion of us from a youthful age. It’s a fun custom which, ideally, enhances with adulthood.

But there remain a few things which we’re still getting wrong, say international stylists. From our brows to our eyes, mouth and skin, they revealed the things we’re still getting wrong and age us -and how to put them right.


MISTAKE: I think the one mistake we all make with eyebrows is trying desperately to make them both the same shape

TECHNIQUE: However we must remember that our brows are sisters and not twins! It does not matter if one brow is more arched than the other, as long as they are similar it looks more natural.


MISTAKES: Applying too much concealer, using a toothick concealer and using the wrong shade.

TECHNIQUE: Only use the concealer where you really need it, such as under the eyes and around the nose. Thick concealer will gather in any fine lines and crease.

Remember that your concealer should never be more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone! Use your ring finger and lightly pat in the product, as the warmth of your fingers blends the concealer a lot better than a brush or a sponge.


MISTAKES: Holding on to mascaras for too long until they are dry and clumpy . Or pumping mascara to get more product, as this again leads to more air in the tube.

TECHNIQUE: Try and throw out your mascaras after about three months, as they can collect germs within the tube. The best technique for mascara would be to first, curl your lashes, and then start with the wand at the root of the lashes and wiggle the brush to the tip. This makes sure all lashes are coated, especially at the root.


MISTAKES: Pulling the skin, as you will create a distorted line as your face is not relaxed; keeping old kohl liners which become dry and will drag the skin.

TECHNIQUE (KOHL): Kohl eyeliner is mainly used for the waterline and to create a soft, smoky line. You can apply a kohl eyeliner to the outer parts of the waterline so as not to fully close off the eyes, or use a nude eyeliner to brighten.Draw little dots along the lash line rather than a straight line. You can then blend this out which is easier until you feel more confident.

TECHNIQUE (LIQUID): Rest your little finger on your cheek when applying the liner so you have more control over where you are placing the product. You can map out your wings with an eyeshadow first, as this is easier to get rid of and clean up. This way you can get your perfect shape first, and then go over it with your eyeliner.


MISTAKES: Forgetting to first prep the skin! And not knowing which type of foundation looks best on youdewy or powder?

TECHNIQUE: Foundation will sit better on the skin if it’s perfectly moisturised and clean. You also need to be aware of what type of foundation looks better on your skin. For example, a powder foundation will cling to any dry patches on dry skin and a dewy foundation will make oily skin look even shinier.


MISTAKES: Applying them to the wrong part of the face, applying too much and using the wrong shade.

TECHNIQUE (BLUSHER): Try and keep it on the apples of the cheek.Apply it lightly rather than applying too much.And try and stick with a natural shade.

TECHNIQUE (BRONZER): Always tap your brush before applying your bronzer, and remember shimmery shades are for bronzer and should not be used to contour with.Your bronzer should only be a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. This is so they mimic the natural shadow on the face. Also, remember that blending is your friend!


MISTAKES: Using dark, heavy eye makeup. It is best, as you get older, to stick to colours such as browns, navies and greys rather than a harsh black.

TECHNIQUE: If you want an intense colour, start with a brown and build the colour up. Black eyeliners and eyeshadows on more mature eyes make them look smaller, so it is best to stick to more neutral shades.

Get Rid of Pimples for Men

Pimples are a bother for adolescents or ladies as well as frequent metro-sexual men. Keep yourself hydrated and don’t touch them to get rid of pimples, say healthy skin specialists. Here are a couple tips:

– Wash your face a few times which will help in empowering your skin and expelling the dust particles, yet don’t go over the edge. Utilize men’s face wash frequently to clean your face. Items with normal fixings are tender and successful for battling pimple issues.

– The best and the simplest way to keep your skin pimple-free is by keeping yourself well hydrated. It helps in cleaning the tissues and clearing up the skin.

– Never pop the pimple or constantly touch them. It will only result in long-lasting scars.

– If you shave daily, then make sure to use a good quality electric shaver or razor. Soften your beard by using warm soapy water before using the shaving cream.


Get Rid of Sun Tan?, Here Its Tips

Sun TanIt’s bursting hot. In spite of the warmth we need to venture out for work and for different exercises. It is characteristic that our skin would get tanned when presented to this burning warmth. Aside from applying sunscreen salve you can likewise experiment with these face packs to evacuate the tan. City-based healthy skin master Vasundhra Ravi gives us six hand crafted face packs that will keep your skin looking crisp this mid year.

Barley pack

Grind 30 grams of barley with 20 grams of khus khus. Mix this powder with five drops of lemon juice and a few drops of rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the exposed areas. Leave the pack on for half-anhour and wash your face with cold water.

Dal pack

Take two tablespoon of tuvar dal, two tsp green gram dal, two tsp cucumber seeds, two tsp channa dal. Grind all these into a fine powder. Add two pinches of kasturi manjal and two tsp cucumber juice to this powder and make a paste. Apply this on the tanned areas. Leave it for half-an hour and wash it.

Fruit pack

Soak 10 grams of dry raisins and two dates in 50 ml tea decoction for two hours.Then grind this into a smooth paste.Add a tsp of papaya pulp, apply the mix on face, neck and other exposed areas. Rinse after 10 minutes.

Orange pack

Dry orange peel (mandarin orange) and powder it. Take a tsp of this powder and add one tsp curd, a tsp Multani mitti, and one tsp sandal paste. Add a little water and mix it into a fine paste. Apply the paste on the tanned areas and leave it on for 20 minutes.Wash off with water.

Aloe vera pack

 Mix two tsp of aloe vera pulp, three tsp tomato juice, one tsp Multani mitti and one tsp sandal paste. Apply on tanned areas. Leave on for 15 minutes, pat on cold milk. Leave on for five minutes and then wash off with water.

Get Rid of Dark Circle Tips

Our inexorably unpleasant lives have abandoned us unfortunate, as well as began to consider our appearances, for the most part as dark circles. While many individuals credit dark circles to maturing, working for extend periods of time before a PC, sitting in front of the TV finally, absence of rest mental and a lacking eating regimen, they neglect to share the straightforward methods for disposing of these monstrous dim patches. Be that as it may, here’s a rundown of some attempted and tried cures you can attempt at home to dispose of these dark circles.

Raw Potato

A cheap raw material found in every Indian household, potatoes are not only the tastiest but also have a variety of qualities, especially the natural bleaching agents they have which can diminish dark circles. Either grate a potato and extract its juice or slice it and apply it under the eyes. Leave the juice for 15 minutes and wash it thereafter. In a week’s time you’ll notice how your dark circles disappear.

 Rose water
Not only does rose water rejuvenate the skin but also has skin lightening qualities, hence it can be a great way of removing the dark circles. Soak cotton balls in rose water for a few minutes and place these balls under your eyes. Leave them for ten minutes and you’ll be able to get rid of your dark circles forever.

Almond oil

Known for its natural benefits, almond oil is especially recognized for its great effect on skin and regular usage of the rich oil can help you get rid of those repulsive dark circles. Apply two-three drops of the oil under your eyes and gently massage it into the skin before going to be bed. Wash it first thing in the morning and you’ll get rid of the dark circles.

Vitamin E capsules

The most convenient way of getting rid of dark circles is using the contents of Vitamin E capsules and applying them under the eyes. Open a capsule and extract the oil on your palm, now massage the oil under your eyes. Not only will it decrease the dark circles to a great extent but also reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

Herbal Tea bags

If you love sipping onto the soothing herbal teas of various kinds then you have a home remedy waiting to be used. Herbal tea bags like tulsi, chamomile and jasmine are great to lighten the skin underneath your eyes. Simply put a used tea bag in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and place it under your eyes for an hour and viola, you’ll soon be able to see the difference and get rid of dark circles.


Cucumbers are famous for their skin lighting properties, courtesy the mild natural astringent found in them and they can be your go-to on a day when you need immediate help from those dark circles. Cut cucumber slices and chill them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Put the slices onto the affected skin area for about half an hour minutes. Thereafter, wash the area with water.


Caring Dark Skin Tips

Regardless of how over promising reasonableness creams may sound, the fact of the matter is – what makes a man excellent is keeping up a solid way of life and an uplifting viewpoint. Dull is delightful and absolutely requests as much consideration as a light skin-tone would.

The word wonderful must not be connected with simply reasonable skin. A man can be dim or chestnut conditioned and still be lovely. In a nation that is fixated on reasonableness, we have to ask ourselves, do regardless we have a headache of the frontier period?

How important is skincare discipline for dusky skin?

Everything depends on skincare discipline. Our skin performs a lot of important functions for us, but most of the times we do not treat it well.

A good skin care discipline begins with ensuring that the skin is cleansed well, toned, moisturised and protected from the UV rays by using a sunscreen or a sun block. What kind of product needs to be used depends on an individual’s skin type.

It is believed that moisturizing or oiling deepens the skin tone. Is that true? If not, then what kind of moisturizers would you recommend to people with a dusky skin?

Moisturisers do not deepen the skin tone. It is a must for all types of skin. Regardless of the skin tone, if one has a dry skin, one must use a lotion based moisturiser and if one has an oily skin, oil-free moisture is recommended.

Which hair colours would you recommend for a dark skin tone?

I would suggest:

Warm chocolate shades
Auburn Hued
Sun kissed blonde shades
Brunette hue

These can be added to the hair in the form of highlights, balayage or ombre all over (Global). These colours flatter the skin tones and make it look outstanding.

What should be the skincare regime for dark skin?

There is no difference in the skin care routine. Regardless of the skin colour, in order to have good skin or to maintain a good skin, one must follow the classic steps of skin care – CTM + S. This means cleansing, toning, moisturising and sun protection. What SPF numbers are to be used depends on the lifestyle (more of indoor or outdoor), texture (lotion, cream or gel) depends on the skin types.

Should applying foundation be a no-no for people with such skin tones?

There is no problem in using/applying a foundation on a daily basis as long as one removes the foundation in the evening with a make- up remover. We recommend foundations with SPF nos.

 Any other advice you would like to give?
No amount of cosmetic application or usage will help if we do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of our diet. Have a positive outlook in life, no matter what and develop a skin care discipline. All these things go hand in hand.


About Skin Facts

Having immaculate skin is something that most ladies longing. In any case, when you live in a city where contamination, stress and fast paced ways of life are unpreventable, having no skin objections is practically alongside outlandish. While taking after the purifying, conditioning and moisturing schedule, you have to accomplish more than simply that.

To start with, nonetheless, it is basic that you know your skin well. Case in point, did you realize that the external most layer of your skin renews itself consistently? What’s more, that the skin, which shields your skin from outer wounds should be cared for well. This doesn’t simply mean applying a saturating salve or a sterile cream and slathering on some sunscreen. Solid skin likewise has a considerable measure to do with what you eat and drink. Which is the reason guarantee that you heap your plate with a lot of crisp products of the soil, verdant vegetables. With regards to fluids, intemperate caffeine and liquor can leave your skin dull and dormant with loads of wrinkles.

 If you follow a healthy diet and still find yourself staring into the mirror and wondering why your face is looking more creased than usual, it could point towards low bone density post menopause, say studies. Research also suggests that while saggy skin could be the precursor for high blood pressure, wrinkles could be the result of your skin not producing adequate elastin, a protein that is responsible for keeping your skin smooth. Another possible reason for wrinkles is not getting enough sleep. Ask yourself if you get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep daily. Apart from wreaking havoc on your skin, sleep deficit can cause a host of other health problems.
Women, especially tend to ignore any unusual changes in their skin, an aberration that may have grave consequences. If you notice a mole or any odd growth, don’t wait for it get worse or show any symptoms! It’s always a good idea to get it checked by your doctor, who will be able to ascertain whether it needs further investigation.
While your college years may have been rampant with acne and pimple issues, not everyone is lucky enough to leave them back in their teens. Adult acne is very much an issue and can actually get worse as you grow older. In fact, as you approach menopause — for some women this can be as soon as their early 40s — a drop in your estrogen levels with no significant change in the testosterone levels can cause you to have a bad acne breakout. Ask your dermat if you need to switch to products that contain retinol, which opens the pores and fights acne.

Get Rid of Make up using These Natural Cleanser

After sporting layers of make-up for hours you may want to use a soft and natural make-up cleanser to get rid it. Use cucumbers and yogurt, which can act as natural make-up cleansers and leave your skin safe and glowing, says an expert.

Manisha Chopra, co-founder of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, offers some tips on home-made cleansers that can leave your skin soft and clean.

# Rose water: Apply rose water on cotton balls and gently wipe your face and neck before you’re off to bed. This magic potion not only leaves a good fragrance of rose but also keeps all the dirt at bay.

# Bananas: If there are ripe bananas at home, do not throw them away. Mash them into a paste and apply them onto your face. Keep the mash on for five minutes and rinse well with a warm wash cloth. This helps to remove all the make-up and keeps your skin smooth and hydrated.
# Avocados: Avocado oil is commonly found in make-up removers. Not just the oil, the fruit can also be used directly on your skin to remove any heavy mascara and other eye make-up.
#Aloe Vera Gel: Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a great natural make-up remover. You can also put the gel in the fridge and soak it in cotton balls to make a quick and effective compress for tired and puffy eyes.

# Oil cleansers: Use of oils such as coconut oil and olive oil can cleanse your skin thoroughly, removing all sorts of make-up applied on your face. Apart from the make-up, these oils remove dust and dirt settled on your face without over-drying it.

# Milk: Milk helps you to gently get rid of dirt and acts as the best make-up remover for sensitive skin. This is one of the most affordable options for removing make-up and keeping your skin refreshed.

# Cucumbers: This vegetable is one of the most popular ingredients in skincare. It is known to be a cooling agent due to its high-water content. Grated cucumber can be used as a cleanser and if you want to get rid of that pigmented lipstick, add a little bit of milk or olive oil to the mixture.

# Yoghurt: Yoghurt not only helps in relieving stubborn sunburns but also acts as a good cleanser. Dip cotton balls into plain yoghurt and rub them all over the skin. Rinse off with cool water.

# Honey and baking soda: Honey is well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. On a clean cloth put some honey and sprinkle baking soda on it. This is one of the best ways to remove all the make-up and dirt from your face

Treat Your Dry Skin using This Helpful Tips

Dry skin. So irritating, particularly when it’s hot and all you need to do is wear your new strapless top. Whether you need to dispose of dry skin all over or body, we have the skill to overcome it so that got dried out skin never parts you from your closet again.

Protect skin in winter.

Winter is dry skin’s playground. Make sure your skin is protected from the harsh weather and central heating by smoothing in a rich, thick moisturiser

Be kind during hair removal.
Hair removal can make dry skin worse. Always use shaving gel (or, just between us, conditioner actually makes a great shaving cream) and a good moisturiser post-shave to put the stripped-away oils back in, like our

Bedtime care.
Keep hands happy, but it’s hard to find a free moment where hand cream doesn’t end up all over our phones. Work around that by applying it before bed. Tr

Don’t overheat.
In the shower, keep the water warm – too hot and it will strip those oils from your skin

Cleanse gently.
Cleansing can be rough – your skin needs its natural oils so be gentle with it and use a wash that will put that sought-after moisture back in.

Eat smart.
Pick up some oily fish at the supermarket – the fatty acids in them act like a natural moisturiser from the inside out