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I Lost a Tooth the Other Day

Of course I felt like a real fool after I did it, but the boys thought I was pretty cool for a couple of minutes before I went face first into the asphalt. When I was teenager I used to skateboard a good deal, not like some kids who do nothing else, but enough to get fairly good at it. So when the boys decided they wanted skateboards of their own I decided to dig my own board out and show them how it was done. This was only a good idea until a dentist in Fremont became involved in the proceedings. I actually did not feel that rusty until my face hit that black top. I did a couple of tricks and they were decent really, I guess you do not forget that much. At any rate you have to remember how to fall too and I did a lousy job of that.

The tooth did not come out of my mouth, but it would have if I done anything. I was lucky in that I had already scheduled an appointment with a new dentist and when I called him up they gave me an emergency slot. They did a lot of planning before they decided that they could not figure out a way to keep the original tooth in the proper place. They thought that they could do it, but that the chances were not very good for it to stay there if I was doing the normal things that you do. So they took it out and gave me a fake tooth, which the boys thought was really cool. They wanted one of their own, but wondered why I did not get a gold tooth like all of the rappers have. Of course I had no answer for that.