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Hurt My Back in the Church League

It started out like every other Saturday church league game. We were playing the guys from the Episcopalian church and they have a couple of guys who are pretty big, this really tough old guy who knows all of the tricks when it comes to rebounding. It is not exactly dirty, but it comes close to it some of the time. Either way I ended up with a really bad back. I had to come out of the game and the next day I went to see my Cumming chiropractor, which was a really long haul for me. I used to live on that side of the metro area and it was really convenient when I went to see him the last time. That was a good while ago and I had back trouble from when I used to work on the factory floor. Of course now all I do is shuffle paper and I have a lot more trouble keeping the weight off of me.

Of course this would be a big problem if I did not know that this chiropractor is pretty good at what he does, because this is a really scary thing when you think about it. These people get paid to move your vertebra around and it is a wise man who wants to find someone who can do that with zero mistakes. If he does it and only makes one mistake every thousand adjustments, then you do not want to be the person that is unlucky. At any rate driving across the metro area is not that big of a deal compared to trying to figure out if you can trust some other guy, not when you already have a guy that you do trust. It is just not something you can take too lightly.