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Why Do Girls Join Beauty Pageants?!?

girlWhen you ask the majority of people what they think of when they hear the words “beauty pageant”, they might say shallow, lame, superficial, phony, or fake.  They may think that the only type of woman or girl are those that think they are attractive, narcissists, or just crave attention.  These misconceptions, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth.  For decades, girls have been competing in beauty pageants, and their reasons for doing so vary differently from one contestant to another.


“One of the main reasons that girls enter competitions is to build their self-confidence, says Tiffany Reilly, National American Miss Pageant Spokesperson. Building self-confidence will help many girls not only feel better about themselves, but will help them overcome insecurities.  They may not feel the best about their bodies, and may think they aren’t “perfect”.  However, learning to love yourself and be more comfortable with your body helps to be more secure and self-assured.


Not only do you gain more confidence when you compete in competitions, but you also learn some valuable life lessons.  For example, communication skills are of utmost importance during any competition.  Training how to speak in front of a crowd, preparing how to handle interviews, and learning to think before you speak are all critical, during competition and beyond.  Pageants are definitely learning experiences!


Some girls join pageants in search of a support system.  Because each girl has the same goals and achievements in mind, it’s easy to find a common ground, and something that will make them lifelong friends.  Once you’ve been in the pageant circuit, the girls you compete with, although they are your competition, become your family.  It’s great to have encouragement from such a large group of girls.


It’s no secret that many girls join beauty competitions for the prizes! What little girl doesn’t dream of walking away with a tiara? For the most part, pageants offer cash, scholarships, trophies, sashes, and skincare products.  Oh, and let’s not forget…the crown! And if you win, you get the chance to travel on all-expenses paid trips, travelling the country, and promoting your pageant.

So, it’s easy to see that girls participate in beauty pageants for a multitude of reasons, not just being superficial or wanting free stuff.  The next time you see a beauty pageant, you never know their reason for being there.  They just might have a story to tell.

It Was Interesting to Learn About Why I Had a Problem

After hearing that many people I know personally go to get help from sacramento chiropractors for different pain issues, I figured my time had come, too. I knew I could go see the primary care physician that I had been using for the past 15 years, but I had heard from many people that physicians typically tell you that you must take a wait and see approach. This, coupled with needing to take pain relief. I didn’t really like the thought of waiting even weeks or months to see if the problem would go away after masking the pain with some aspirin. I wanted to find out if there was a good solution up front instead.

It’s funny how I grew up thinking that only doctors can help you when you have medical problems. I’m learning that they are very necessary in just about everyone’s life.

Surgery Didn’t Work, but a Chiropractor’s Help Did

I had to put up with back pain for years. I made lots of trips to a lot of different doctors. Most said that I would probably benefit from surgery since pain killers were not something that I could really do. Most over the counter pain pills barely dulled the pain. Prescription pain kills often made me too tired to function each day. So, I went ahead with the surgery that ended up not working well. Years later, visiting a chiropractor in Fort Myers did help. It was a really good thing that it did because I feared that I would have to go on life-long disability if the pain continued and kept me from working.

I become obese in my twenties.

Getting Help for My Injured Son

My son loves to play football, but he only does so as a hobby. He knew that he was good at it, but he also knew that he was never going to play for the National Football League one day as well. That did not stop him from giving his all though, which is how we found ourselves looking for a sports chiropractor in Sacramento. He did not get hurt during a game, which is the first question a lot of people were asking. He was at a training session, and he got tackled by a couple of bigger players.

He told me later that it did hurt, but that he did not think he needed medical attention. He just sat out the rest of the practice, but he knew later that something was really wrong. We looked online that night for a chiropractor who is used to handling sports injuries. We knew that we could probably go to any chiropractor for most issues, but we wanted to go to one that has a lot of experience with sports injuries, as we knew that they would be the ones who would more than likely be able to help him the most.

I Lost a Tooth the Other Day

Of course I felt like a real fool after I did it, but the boys thought I was pretty cool for a couple of minutes before I went face first into the asphalt. When I was teenager I used to skateboard a good deal, not like some kids who do nothing else, but enough to get fairly good at it. So when the boys decided they wanted skateboards of their own I decided to dig my own board out and show them how it was done. This was only a good idea until a dentist in Fremont became involved in the proceedings. I actually did not feel that rusty until my face hit that black top. I did a couple of tricks and they were decent really, I guess you do not forget that much. At any rate you have to remember how to fall too and I did a lousy job of that.

The tooth did not come out of my mouth, but it would have if I done anything.

Hurt My Back in the Church League

It started out like every other Saturday church league game. We were playing the guys from the Episcopalian church and they have a couple of guys who are pretty big, this really tough old guy who knows all of the tricks when it comes to rebounding. It is not exactly dirty, but it comes close to it some of the time. Either way I ended up with a really bad back. I had to come out of the game and the next day I went to see my Cumming chiropractor, which was a really long haul for me.

Avoid Skin Allergies using The Proper Make Up

A great deal relies on upon the sort of make-up that you buy. Before you start to shop, ensure you take after these principles…

Consider your skin sort and appearance : When you go out looking for a specific item, never forget to purchase as indicated by your skin sort and tone. Else, you may wind up with skin rashes and hypersensitivities. You can experiment with the item at the back of your palm to check whether it mixes well with your skin.

Stick to one specific brand : Often, a brand which you have been utilizing for a timeframe will suit you more than the ones that you haven’t experimented with some time recently. This is on account of your skin is now acclimated to that brand and the fixings that have been utilized.

Mineral make-up for warmer times : During the hotter months, it is best recommended to use mineral make-up. This doesn’t clog your pores like some of the liquid varieties.

Invest in a compact : While you would like to be a few shades lighter, make sure not to use foundations that clog your pores.

Toner is a must : Applying toner before putting on make-up will make your face look brighter. This can help prevent allergies as well. Buy water-based toners that contain ingredients like aloe vera or cucumber. You can also spritz the toner after taking off the make-up.

Check for expiry date : Make-up professional Nanda Ghai says, “Every product comes with an expiry date. Check them before buying. As a rule, don’t use products that are more than six months old. For example, compact powder and foundation should be changed every three months to avoid skin damages. If you have been applying a product for over a year, chances of developing acne or rashes are high.”
Do a patch test before application:  Always run a trial test before you start using a product. It is always best to check for any kind of rashes by first applying the product to the crook of your elbow.

Healthy Skin using Face Oils

Dermatologists frequently discuss keeping your skin ‘without oil’ and embrace and prescribe skincare items that are free of oil. Be that as it may, dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel says, “As I get a profound comprehension of face oils throughout the years, I concede that it is an astounding world with such a variety of fixings and the majority of them are restorative. Not just are face oils a cure for dry skin, however they are additionally viable at treating an extensive variety of skin conditions, right from hyperpigmentation, stretch imprints to skin break out.”

What is it
Experts say that face oils are soft and light preparations that have natural oils like avocado, argan, olive, sesame etc, as their base along with therapeutic ingredients. Dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar says, “We recommend argan, almond and olive oils for the face. These oils have mosituring properties, are used in many face products and are great for dry skins. Women who have oily, acne prone skin can use tea-tree oil — avoid applying on the entire face — use an ear bud to apply a drop of tea tree oil on the acne.”

Why use face oils
Face oils have many benefits thanks to the different ingredients. Here are a few of them… w Rich in antioxidants Many botanical oils, including argan, passion fruit etc are potent antioxidants. A few drops can be used under your sunscreen or foundation. It works as a moisturizer as well as a primer.

Prevents inflammation
Some oils like argan oil have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent inflammation caused by other active ingredients. Hence, they are ideal bases for skin formulations.

Great hydrants
These oils are lipophilic in nature and they penetrate through the lipid layer of the skin and prevent water or moisture loss. For example olive oil, coconut oil etc.

Anti-ageing properties
Since the oils are combined with anti-ageing ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin C, they help in faster and deeper penetration of these molecules into the skin, thereby augmenting the anti-ageing benefits. It also counters the irritation caused by these molecules.

Combats rosacea
Certain aroma oils like orange, tea tree, peppermint etc actually help in reducing acne and rosacea. However this should be done after consultation with an expert.

Anti blemish Rosehip oil is very useful for marks and blemishes on skin.

Soothing and calming
Owing to the faster and deeper penetration of the anti inflammatory ingredients of oils, they are also soothing and calming. They protect the skin from free radical as well as UV damage.

Mood elevators
Remember how you felt calm and peaceful when you step into a spa therapy room. Rose, lavender, lemon grass etc are perfect for relaxation.

Stretch marks
The age-old remedy for stretch marks is to rub olive oil twice a day. Though it will not clear the stretch marks, it definitely helps in lightening them.

Oils containing silicon, hyaluronic acid, argan oil etc can be used on skin under your make-up. They bind the make-up to skin for longer, prevent cracking of the make-up as well as works like a primer to even out the skin.

 Oils with active ingredients like aroma (tea tree oil, peppermint, calendula, chamomile) as well as vitamins and nourishing agents, should be best used on face and neck at night for therapeutic benefits.
Dry skin oils can be used over the sunscreen as well as above the make-up. w However, another way is to use oils mixed with tint or mix foundation cream and oil and apply as a base on face.


Keep Your Skin Clear using These Ingredients

Keep Your Skin ClearWorried about rash and skin problems during this time of the year?

Battle them by natural ways or by using light-weight moisturizers and more.

Honey: Make Honey a part of your beauty regime to get natural glow. Honey is seen as an ideal natural ingredient to do away with skin dryness. Women with sensitive skin can prepare a face mask made up of brown sugar, honey, olive oil and lemon juice.

Fruits: Fruits like mango and pomegranate can be useful to clear scars and marks on your face and even to nourish your skin. Watermelon is good, if you mix it with milk powder and put it on the skin. It will help to cool the skin.

Tea tree oil: Apply a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil. Reap in its benefits and bid adieu to rash and pimples.

 Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is a beneficial curing agent for skin diseases caused by rain. It purifies the blood and has healing and soothing properties.

Free Face Pimples Tips

Here are a couple of basic approaches to keep your facial skin clean amid these couple of months :

1) Drink heaps of water so that your framework is hydrated and the poisons from your body are flushed out. You can likewise put it a couple of sprigs of neem or tulsi in your water bottle bump with the goal that it keeps your stomach clean.

2) Apply red chandan glue in the morning before you wash your face. Red chandan has a quieting impact all over and in a flash assuages the pimples. In the event that you have scars which have been deserted because of skin break out, the red chandan glue will clear your skin from this as well.

 3) Drink unboiled buffalo milk in the morning before you brush your teeth. According to age-old customs, buffalo’s milk contains anti-bacterial properties that cleanses your system and thereby reduces the chances of getting acne.
4) Apply a toner on your skin before bedtime. Preferably choose a toner which contains rose water or aloe vera in it. These ingredients will soothe the pimples and will also help clear up the clogged pores on your skin.
5) Do not use soap on your skin, instead try washing your face with natural ingredients like neem paste. The more cosmetics you use on your face the more pimples will occur.